Metal Scrap Shredder

material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees high throughput with low power requirements It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting system and asynchronous shaft control.

Plastic is a multi-purpose material. It is a widely used material today.

Metal Shredding Machine

After collecting and transporting the metal waste, the next step is to shred and sort it. Shredding is critical to the success of subsequent separation. And it is for this reason that efficiency is crucial at this stage.

Shredding is the process of breaking down the metal waste into smaller pieces so that it can be properly sorted. These tiny prices are sorted by hand and then manually dismantled. It is typically labor-intensive because waste items are separated at this stage to retrieve different parts.

Role of Metal scrap Shredder Machine in Recycling

Metal scrap shredders are used to process a wide variety of metal scraps. They are often used in scrap yards and metal recycling applications to reduce the waste to an identical shape and size for extraction and further processing.

Benefits of metal crushing

  • It Helps To minimize the scrap metal quantity, facilitates recycling, and recovers the precious metal.
  • It makes the handling simple and easy
  • It saves the expense of transport because of their reduced size
  • The metals thus shredded are used to enhance furnace feeding, which will promote the performance of re-melting.

Maxin India is the Expert scrap metal shredder machine manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of Industrial metal shredders such as utensils shredders, aluminum UBC cans shredders, and heavy-duty metal shredders such as bicycle shredding machines, bike shredders, motorcycle shredding machines, metal drum shredders, alloys wheels shredders, cast iron crushers.

Related Applications

1) Industrial Metal Crusher

Our Metal crusher is very effective in shredding heavy items such as automobile parts into tiny pieces to make it easier for further processing.

2) Utensils shredder

Our utensil shredder is a powerful way to shred the unused kitchen utensils and parts of the stove to process them for further recycling.

3) Aluminium Cans Crusher

It is found in research that aluminum cans emit a higher amount of co2 into the atmosphere. Therefore it is crucial to recycle them. Maxin India’s Aluminium Cans Crusher is an efficient tool to shred the aluminum cans and use it for further processing.

4) Bicycle Shredder

Abandoned bicycles and broken bicycle parts are landfills that can cause harmful effects to the atmosphere. With Maxin India’s Bicycle Shredder, You can easily shred the parts into pieces and recycle them effectively.

5) Iron scrap crusher

It is essential to recycle metals like iron to preserve the natural resources on the earth and conserve energy. Maxin India’s Iron scrap crusher is a heavily built tool that helps in crushing massive metal parts such as iron sheets and machine parts made up of cast iron.

6) Metal oil Drums Shredder

Metal oil drums are widely used, and it is responsible for the pollution when disposed of inappropriately. Maxin India’s Metal oil Drums Shredder is an efficient way to shred Metal oil drums.

7) Motorcycle crusher

Abandoned motorcycles and broken Motorcycle parts increase the landfill on the earth and are one of the major pollutants of the atmosphere. Maxin India’s Motorcycle crusher is a robust machine for shredding Motorcycle parts.

8) Alloy wheel Shredder

Alloy wheels are extensively used in vehicles. They can cause pollution to the Earth when they are not disposed of properly. Maxin India’s Powerful Alloy wheel Shredder is efficient in shredding the alloy wheels enabling them to process it for further recycling.